Onyfix is a revolutionary new treatment that allows for the correction of ingrown toenails without surgery. Ingrown or involuted toenails are very common and can be very painful and even with surgery can reoccur. Onyfix utilizes a composite to reshape the nail as it grows, correcting the problem without causing any pain. This is a safe alternative to traditional therapy which is especially beneficial for patients who are not candidates for ingrown nail surgery, diabetic patients, patients who are pregnant or breastfeeding, patients with vascular disease, or those who have a fear of needles. Onyfix can safely treat even the move severe nail involution.

How Does Onyfix Work?

Once applied, Onyfix helps to reshape the nail to its natural shape, correcting the incurvation or narrowing of the nail that often causes pain. There is no surgery with Onyfix. During the treatment, a hardened composite material, cured by a LED light, is applied to the nail. This composite will support the nail, facilitating the reshaping of the nail. Once cured, the onyfix will remain on the nail, and as the nail grows, this support will correct the shape of the nail over time. For more severe cases of involution, additional Onyfix bands may need to be applied to ensure adequate correction. We recommend 3-4 bands, each applied every 8-12 weeks. Once complete, the onyfix is removed and the nail continues to grow naturally without involution.

What conditions can Onyfix treat?

Ingrown or Involuted Toenails.

Pincer toenails

Split Toenails.


Onyfix Application Process

The process of applying Onyfix is pain-free and takes approximately 10 minutes. 1st your nail will be filed to smooth nail. This will allow better adherence to the Onyfix treatment.

Then the Onyfix primer is applied to the nail plate and cured with an LED light. After, the Onyfix composite is applied in a band to the nail plate and cured. Additional bands may be applied depending on the severity of the deformity present.

Is Onyfix the same as a nail brace?

Onyfix works like a brace in that it will correct the shape of the nail as the nail grows. However, there are no wires or hooks with onyfix and unlike braces, there is no pain with the application of onyfix.

Onyfix reshapes the nail naturally without applying any tension to the nail plate. This is why onyfix is a pain-free process.

Benefits on Onyfix



No activity restrictions

No after care

Suitable for diabetics

Quick Can be used with nail polish