When it comes to healing cuts and scrapes, your body has everything it needs to repair these wounds. However, if you have diabetes or peripheral arterial disease, you may experience delays in wound healing and benefit from professional wound care. At Meridian Podiatry in Jacksonville, Florida, Norshae Robinson, DPM, DABPM, FACPM, and the team provide comprehensive wound care for conditions that affect the feet. Call the office or book an appointment online today.

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What is wound care?

Wound care is the general management of cuts, scrapes, and other open wounds. You need proper wound care to support healing and prevent infection.

In most cases, your body heals these wounds over time with at-home care. However, when your wound takes longer to heal than expected, you may need professional help.

Who needs podiatric wound care?

If you have a cut, scrape, or ulcer on your foot that fails to improve with at-home care, then you need wound care from the experts at Meridian Podiatry.

The team recommends you come in for an evaluation if there’s no improvement in your foot wound within two weeks of the injury or it fails to completely heal within six weeks.

The Meridian Podiatry team also recommends anyone with a history of diabetes or peripheral arterial disease come in right away for wound care.

These health conditions affect circulation, especially in the small blood vessels in your feet. This means you’re at greater risk of developing a non-healing foot wound that may lead to an infection and limb amputation. Getting care right away may prevent serious complications.

What can I expect during wound care?

You can expect attentive and professional wound care from the team at Meridian Podiatry. Dr. Robinson and the team specialize in diabetic foot care and offer on-site noninvasive vascular testing to assess circulation in your feet for people with diabetes and peripheral arterial disease.

The specifics of your wound care depend on the location and severity of your wound, as well as your medical history. However, Meridian Podiatry offers advanced wound treatment options to ensure proper healing.

After conducting a history and physical, the team evaluates your foot wound. Then, they remove dead tissue, clean the wound, and cover it with appropriate bandages. Your provider may also take a wound culture and send it to the lab for testing to look for infections.

If you have a bacterial wound infection, the team prescribes antibiotics. They have you return regularly to the office for continued wound care treatments until the wound heals.

Dr. Robinson also treats patients at St. Vincent’s Southside Wound Care Center in Jacksonville.

For comprehensive wound care from an experienced team, call Meridian Podiatry or schedule an appointment online today.